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Company Description: 

Nval is an industry-leading NFT data platform producing regulator-friendly mark-to-model and benchmark pricing for NFT assets.

Over $10 trillion of existing assets (collectibles, gaming, music, memorabilia, luxury goods, financial instruments, and more) will leverage NFT technology and high-quality data is needed for next-generation markets to function and flourish.‍

Nval produces the price data fundamental to every aspect of the coming NFT markets.


We are a collaborative team of experienced business, tech, and finance professionals who recognize the importance of web3 and NFT technology and the impact it will have on global asset


We are a collaborative team that celebrates every success as if it was our own. We win or lose as a team.

It’s an exciting time to join Nval as we pursue new customer verticals and scale globally to power the NFT ecosystem of the future.



B2B NFT price data to enable platforms for buying/selling, lending, insurance, tax, derivatives, etc

Nval produces and sells regulatory-friendly mark-to-model NFT price data for any asset. Any asset's real-time and historical market value is fundamental to every market activity including buying/selling, portfolio and risk management, lending, insurance, tax, derivatives, and more. Nval is B2B and services regulated (or any) platforms and actors with products serving finance, gaming, collectibles, metaverse, luxury goods, custody, and more.


Role Description


NA Timezone preferred

Canada preferred

We are looking for a python developer who can wrangle data from the blockchain, process it for use in our machine-learning models, and make it available to our customers via our API. We are a remote and asynchronous team. Daily stand-ups are done via an asynchronous slack channel. We meet weekly via Google Meet (we are flexible with time zones) to review our kanban backlog. We work collaboratively through Slack messages and when needed we do pair programming with huddles. Our application stack is a react/javascript front end, with a node.js API and python microservices, all running within AWS. We believe in developer productivity and have a mature DevOps process. We are looking for someone who can work on their own, isn’t afraid of breaking things, and wants to build a blockchain application to run at scale.

Needs to have demonstrated experience with these technologies

  • Python
  • Django
  • Celery

Needs to have worked on projects where they have built:

  • rest APIs
  • Data pipelines
  • Experience with High transaction volume

Bonus technology

  • gRPC
  • Open telemetry
  • Prometheus
  • Kubernetes

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